As a young girl growing up on a farm in Central Alberta, I learned the joy of giving gifts from my mother. Mom's life revolved around gifts. 

My Mom crafted many gifts with love. You could often find her in the kitchen making apple pies, fresh dinner rolls, or in her sewing room making quilts and appliqued tea towels. 

I remember helping Mom deliver many gifts. The joy of giving a gift is priceless; seeing the receiver's face light up from an unexpected gift has never left my memory. 

Mom courageously battled cancer for two years and sadly passed away on her 68th birthday, November 9, 2019. Through Legacy of Gifts, I want to continue honoring my Mom and the memory of her giving beautiful gifts. My wish is to ease your mind in finding the perfect gift. 

I believe in supporting local and small Canadian business's. I will be providing you with esthetically pleasing, hand crafted products that will be sure to bring your "special someone" joy!